We have a number of volunteer committees that assist the board with various neighborhood duties, including:

Common Area Maintenance Committee

Common Area Maintenance Committee is responsible for maintaining the common areas and ensuring compliance with the neighborhood’s standards and guidelines with respect to property maintenance.

Street Representatives

Street Representatives serve as liaisons between the residents, the Board and various committees (although, individual residents may always contact Board members directly.)  Their responsibilities include welcoming new neighbors and being available to hear and answer concerns or questions about DGCHOA.

They also ensure that resident information is up to date (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.); and assist the Board and Common Area Maintenance Chair with enforcement of DGCHOA standards and guidelines.

Communications Committee

Communication Committee is responsible for the neighborhood directory and website.

Security Committee

Security Committee is responsible for securing and working with the patrol service for the neighborhood; gathering and reporting crime statistics, and working with the 12th precinct captains and surrounding neighborhood security committees.

Social Committee

Social Committee arranges all social events for the community and plans the holiday celebration in December.

Vacant Homes Committee

Vacant Homes Committee works with the President and board to formulate a plan for dealing with vacant homes, including the maintenance of a database of unoccupied homes, engaging contractors to maintain, upkeep the property (i.e., mow  lawns, rake leaves, shovel snow, etc.) developing a system of home monitors on each street, and encouraging residents to report vacant homes.